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DJ & Photo Booth

DJ & Photo Booth


July 10th, 2014


We have put our name out there on almost every wedding type sites, web search engines and on Facebook. Trouble is that EVERYONE wants to make a buck off you, and it’s hard to decide which basket (if you can afford it) to put your eggs into. Facebook even restricts our posts via Pinterest Twitter Instagram etc that makes mention of our website here, BLOCKING IT as malicious, because I don’t spend advertising dollars with them specifically.
We are at www.cabledjmultimedia.com, and have a good saturation when search engines are used to find out about us. We then added www.djhutchinsonkansas.com in hopes to be easier to remember for new prospective customers.
As free marketing tool, we have our CableDJ Multimedia fan page and added DJ Hutchinson/Wichita Kansas ( NOW DJ & Photo Booth) for that very same reason.


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